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Strong clamping base is precision machining, we offer this to you through tooling systems, adapters and needed accessories. In our assortment you can find shell mill holders face and disc milling cutters, modular system or weldon holders. We offer also hydraulic chucks, collet chucks, shrinkfit holders and many more HSK, DIN and JIS holders.
Clamping Systems

The standard assortment includes clamping elements for machines with short HSK 63 taper, with sharp ISO 40 and ISO 50 taper according to DIN 69781 or JIS B 6339 (MAS BT) and sharp ISO 50 taper according to DIN 2080. Besides the classic systems of tool clamping there are holders for modular system (cutters with exchangeable heads), hydraulic chunks and shrinkfit holders in the offer. Pramet offers other types of holders within complex mounting of a new machine.

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High performance of machining is also given by quality clamping of the tool. Therefore, for shell-type cutters it is better to choose fixed FMH1 taper than universal type FMH2. FMH4 taper is a universal solution for clamping of all width of disc cutters.
The prevailing Weldon chunks for shank tools are slowly replaced by modular system. Not only more accurate but also mainly shorter tool overhang of the chunk + tool set represent advantage of this system.
Run-out of the tool is a limit criterion for solid cutters and drills. Therefore, the line of CC2 collect chunks has been innovated and very accurate HP type collect chunks have been put to the assortment. We offer shrinkfit holders and hydraulic chunks for higher accuracy.
The collect chunks (CC2) and Weldon chunks, hydraulic chunks and shrinkfit holders are supplied in the higher quality of dynamic balance. Maximum revolutions are given by quality of balance and rotating mass. More in the technical part of the clamping system catalogue.


Under the name adapters there are collect chucks with cylindrical tool shank for cutters and drills within the scopes of 1 to 5 mm, 1 to 7 mm and 1 to 10 mm and adapters and extensions for modular system. Advantage of the adapters is a simple use and clamping into standard holders.
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The adapters for modular system represent an alternative to long tools for indexable cutting inserts clamped into collect chucks or Weldon holders. The optimal use is at tools where cutting forces are directed against the machine spindle for example high-feed cutters, so-called HFC cutters. However, even here it is necessary to adjust the cutting conditions according to the tools overhang.
We offer 3 types of modular adapters. MK for Morse taper, MM1 adapter with threads 1:1 and MM2 with thread reduction.
It is better to use hydraulic chunks and shrinkfit holders than adapter for higher dimensions of 3 or 6 mm. This solution ensures more accurate and solid clamping than a collect chuck.

The assortment includes reduction sleeves for hydraulic and mechanic chuncks, sealing plugs, clamping screws and spindle cleaning wipers. It makes a functional whole with corresponding holders or enlarges application possibilities e.g. use of internal cooling.
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Maximum accuracy of placing in HP collet will be achieved using CC2 accurate collet chunk. In case that you do not want to use internal supply of liquid it is necessary to complete the set with SR sealing ring according to diameter of the tool used. The sealing ring is clamped into an separately sold nut with N-SR specification.
Hydraulic holders are optimal for drilling with solid end mills. Collets for hydraulic holders are placed in the accessories section. The collets should not be clamped without an inserted tool. You will find recommendation for clamping of individual types of shanks in the technical part of the tooling system catalogue.​
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