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The tools of PRAMET Tools for hole machining traditionally contain tools with indexable cutting inserts, the design of which has been adapted to achieve a better solidity of the tool. We can also offer you solid drills, which belong to very productive tools. We have also placed the tools for boring into the assortment; it includes the boring tools for holes from 6 mm to 500 mm.
Since July 2014PRAMET Tools has been a distributor of DORMER tools. The DORMER tool assortment has significantly enlarged the tool portfolio not only for hole machining.
Drills with Indexable Cutting Inserts

The assortment of drilling with indexable drills offers tools in a wide selection of diameters for drilling depth from 2D to 5D. The drills can be used as a rotary or stationary tool. The drills are single edge and may also work outside axis. It is possible to adjust dimension of the drilled hole within -0.2 to +0.5 mm using an off centred tool. The drills work without problems even under unstable conditions of interrupted cut.

You should not miss
Every square drilling insert offers 4 cutting edges. Their full applicability is achieved by different geometry and grade of internal and external insert. Internal insert, which must cut in the middle of the drill at zero cutting speeds, is made of tough grade with a very strong chipbreaker. On the other hand external insert is wear-resistant and enables to increase cutting speed at periphery of the tool up to double speed in comparison with solid drills. The right choice of the peripheral insert gradecan thus ensure high productivity and life of the tool.

Solid Drills

The standard assortment of solid drills covers all basic drilling areas. Besides the usual tools, there are also step drills under threads, which drill a hole including chamfering. There is a set of chamfers with different angles of points for chamfering.

You should not miss
The absolute top among the solid drills made of cemented carbide is 308FA line. Not only due to its length and colour

shade of the coating. These are four-facet solid drills with polished helical, which provide high accuracy of drilled holes and quality of their surface. The parameters and productivity of this line of drills will satisfy even the most demanding customer.
The offer of solid drills has been completed with a line for drilling of corrosion-resistant steels (M material group), which is suitable for soft steels, difficult-to-machine materials (S group) and easy-to-machine alloys of non-ferrous metals (N group).


Tools for boring

PRAMET Tools offers a complete assortment of modular boring tools – PINZBOHR for holes with diameters from 8 to 500 mm. There is a complete set of the most used types of clamping arbors – DIN 69871, MAS BT (JIS B 6339), DIN 2080, HSK, MORSE and WELDON (DIN 1835), including extensions and reductions.

There are 12 two-edge roughing heads for rough boring

available in the offer. They are able to cover the hole dimensions from 24 to 500 mm within theIT9 toleration field. The rough boring heads are made with integrated seats from diameter of 22 mm to 54 mm and in cassette design from diameter of 68 mm to 500 mm.

There are 12 one-edge boring heads for finishing operations available in the offer. They have micrometre screw with 0.002 mm accuracy of adjustment. These heads cover the same application area of 24 to 500 mm and they are determined for boring of the holes within theIT8 toleration.
We deliver very stable micro heads from 8 to 38 mm for the smallest diameters. They are determined for boring within theIT6 tolerance. The heads enable clamping of boring rods with various stem dimensions made of tool steels and sintered carbide.

Special Tools

We launched every year hunderts of new products, but they are not always to meet your requirements. Therefore, we are ready to design and produce special tools for machining of complicated application as well as tools to reach faster machining cycle. We compile for you complete solution.

What you can expect from us:

- fast answer to Your request
- simple order
- delivery in agreed term
- complete construction tool information

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